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The ​Martin Logan Impression 11a
a new standard of excellence and value

It's been 34 years since Martin Logan developed the first hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker and they have been refining and perfecting the art and science ever since. When we heard the last generation of Martin Logan "stats" we were simply awestruck with the musicality and transparency that these loudspeakers portrayed. The electrostatic "bug" had bit and bit hard. Starting at about $2500 per pair, the ML hybrid stats aren't for everyone, and they're not "cheap" in any way. Having said that, the value of these speakers is simply off the charts. Martin Logan's entry level speakers do many things that $10,000 speakers simply cannot match. It's truly amazing

​But what if you had the budget of $10,000 dollars, what could you do with Martin-Logan's hybrid technology at that lofty level?  Enter the Martin-Logan "Impressions". At that kind of outlay you might think that the word "value" would be a bit out-fo-place. You'd be wrong.

​The Impressions take Martin-Logan's Hybrid design to a whole other level. With their larger electrostatic panels the Impressions cover the range from 275Hz all the way to beyond 20KHz with one single driver! With no crossovers anywhere in that vast range, you eliminate all of the distortions that crossovers are well known for
. Combine this with the electrostatic's lightning fast response and vanishingly low distortion, you have a level of sonic purity that has to be heard to be appreciated. There's simply nothing quite like it.

Below 275Hz there is still a lot going on. The Impressions handle the range from there all the way down to the lowest fundamentals with a unique dual-driver low-frequency section. Each of the two opposing 8" alluminum cone drivers are driven by their own 275 watt DSP controlled amplifier. That's 550 watts per channel ( rms ) just for the bottom end!  Your amplifier is free to drive the panels without the strain of handling power-hungry low frequencies. The result is tight, powerful and musical bass that can keep up with the electrostat's all day long, no mean feat!

The Martin Logan Impressions create the most tranparent and musically involving re-creation of a recording that we've ever heard from a loudspeaker in this price range.They're so impressive, I personally bought a pair for my own home.  Right now, Sound Advice has the unique priviledge of havig a new/used pair of Impressions for an incredibly low price. These babys are barely broken in and are absolutely mint.  Come by for a demonstration ... if you dare. 

New from Paradigm ... The "Defiance" Series Subwoofers!


In recent years, Paradigm has been killing it with their high-end, reference level subwoofers, simply some of the finest made. But most of us don't have the budget for multi-thousand dollar subs. We want great, make that really great low-end, but at a cost that doesn't break the bank.  Enter Paradigm's new Defiance Series Subwoofers, reference class performance at real-world prices. 

For some time now the trend has been to reduce subwoofer enclosure size, more boom ... less space. But that is contrary to the laws of physics. You can break a lot of laws, but you can't mess around with mother nature. Ultra-low frequencies require a lot of air movement and developing long ( like 40" plus foot! ) wavelengths. Doing that from a tiny cabinet means compromising performance plain and simple. So the new Defiance series subs are not all that small. If you're looking for bass from a coffee can, look elsewhere.

The new Defiance series consists of two parts, the value oriented "V" group and the all-out performance "X" series. All but the entry-level 8" 'V' series feature Anthem Room Correction. Widely acknowledged as one of the very best room correction systems, ARC conquers one of the biggest detractors of great bass ... your room!  Combined with in-house Paradigm drivers and in-house Anthem electronics, these Defiance subs flat out rock. Not just a lot of bass, that's easy. I'm talking real, tight, musical bass that lays that all important foundation to your music.

The 'X' series feature Paradigm's exclusive Active Ridge surround along with larger motors and outrageous ampifier power to set a whole new standard of performance per dollar. These guys are just plain scary-good. If yow want real deep, musical bass at any volume, you've got to come in a take a test drive. Just make sure to fasten your seatbelt!



New Salamander AV Cabinets


           Sound Advice is pleased to announce two new additions to our 
           lineup of fine audio-video furniture, both from Salamander Designs.
           Salamander Designs has been well known for their premium
           purpose-built AV furniture for nearly three decades. Their products
           are designed and built not just to look great, though they certainly
           do, but to provide the right environment for your av electronics.

Careful consideration is given to critical factors such as proper 
ventillation, cable routing and remote control acces.     

Most "AV" furniture fails at most of these factors, and some fail miserably.  Beyond the careful engineering is the equally carefull attention to
and finish. These fine cabinets are built to last a lifetime and to enhance your living space with their exceptional finish quality. Of course 
          there are many styles and finish options to choose from.  Sound Advice has selected just a few fine specimans out of dozens of models.



          New for this fall are the cabinets shown here.  The AV-Basics,
          pictured above, is perfect for todays extra-large TV's. This mid-
          century modern design features two equipment bays along with
          a center speaker shelf and media drawer. Beautifully finished in
          natural walnut, the AV-Basics is natural for your living room.

          The all new Landcaster, pictured to the right, is part fo Salmander's
          premium "Chameleon Collection".  Finished in a rustic hand-sawn
          barnwood finish, the Landcaster gives "shabby-sheek" a whole new
          meaning. Perfect for 65-75 inch displays, the Landcaster offers 
          plenty of space for your system components along will a concealed
          center speaker shelf and media storage drawer.

          Stop by Sound Advice today and see these awesome cabinets for yourself. Beleive me, the pictures just don't do them proper justice!

TV Like You've Never Seen it ... The Frame!


Televisions have evolved to a pretty high level when it comes to picture quality, some invariably better than others. That's, of course, while your actually watching it. But what all TV's have in common is what they look like when you're not. A big black rectangle ... sometimes dominating a room with it's dark foreboding presence. 

Finally someone has changed that ... enter the new Samsung Frame TV. When turned on, the Frame is a high performance 4K UHD television with stunning picture quality. But what really sets it apart is what it looks like when you're not watching TV. The Frame transforms itself into a beautiful piece of artwork, virtually indistinguishable from any framed picture or painting other than the fact that you can change the artwork with a couple of simple button presses.

It starts with a zero-clearance wall mount that hugs the slim LED TV to the wall. Then you trim it with your choice of three available wood frames. Finally you select from dozens of built pieces of artwork or, if you wish, your own custom artwork that can be uploaded into the TV's memory. You can also subscribe to online artwork for a nearly endless selection of pieces. And you can choose from a broad array of matting styles to set off your selected art just the way you like it. 

This is television with class and style, not just a few hours a day, but all day, every day. Stop by Sound Advice and see the new Frame for yourself. Like us, you will be amazed

Another Klipsch Classic Reborn
debueing t
he new
 Forte III


In the late eighties, Klipsch introduced what would become their most successful loudspeaker ever, the Forte. At the time, the Forte offered the classic Klipsch signature of huge dynamic range combined with improved linearity and imaging.

​Fast forward thirty years and welcome one of the most exciting new loudspeakers we've had the pleasure to offer, the brand new Forte series III. Believe us when we say, this is not just minor facelift on an old friend.

The all new Forte III features all new drivers and crossover, top to bottom. While sharing the basic design and configuration of it's esteemed predecessor, the Forte III used pure titanium for both the midrange and tweeter. The midrange driver sports a patented new horn that offers improved accuracy and smoothness while precisely controlling dispersion into the listening space.

​The powerful 12" woofer is complemented by a huge 15" rear mounted passive radiator. The combination provides stunning bass impact and tactile agility. All this is housed in a beautiful retro-style enclosure finished in book-matched walnut and topped-off with a natural linen grille cloth.

​If you long to experience music, not just hear it, but feel it with all of the emotion the artist intended, you'll want to check out the new Forte III's. 


Wireless Done Right!​
MusicCast by Yamaha

Over the last few year many companies have delved into the wireless home audio market. Many of these products are quite attractive and have been very successful. So when Yamaha, a world leader in high quality audio, decided to enter the fray, it was clear they could not succeed with just another nice wireless system

Enter MusicCast, a whole new and very powerful solution to whole house wireless audio. Unlike other systems, MusicCast integrates seamlessly with your Yamaha based home theater system. It allows any source, from LP's to internet streaming to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you like ... all effortlessly controlled by Yamaha's top-rated app installed on your mobile device.

A MusicCast system can be as simple as one wireless speaker in one room to a full-blown home theater, linked to speakers in any room in the house, including one-piece wireless speakers, a pair of high performance bookshelf speakers or even a soundbar!

Imagine your kids watching TV in the family room while you are streaming Pandora in the office and your husband is listening to his favorite CD in the living room. Or perhaps you want to stream music from your PC to multiple rooms while entertaining your friends and family. It's not only possible, but incredibly easy thanks to the MusicCast app

And if you think all this capability comes at the expense of sound quality, think again. Yamaha's MusicCast is right at home with today's high resolution digital audio content, so you can enjoy your favorite music without compromise. And talk about flexibility ... MusicCast provides a wealth of choices, such as Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, internet radio, Am/Fm radio, CD's, LP's ... the list goes on!  Want to stream directly off of your phone or tablet?  If it was any easier, it would be illegal!

NEW FOR 2018:  MusicCast can now be controlled by voice command to your 
                                 Amazon Alexa. Echo or Dot!  Music throughout your home has                                           never been more easily accessible or fun!

Come into Sound Advice and let us show you just how easy and affordable whole-house wireless audio can be.


    6th Generation OLED... 4K - Ultra High Definition

Just arrived is LG's newest 65" OLED TV, the model 65C8P. Typical of OLED, the 65C8P features the same incredibly rich, dimensional picture thanks to the unique properties of organic light emitting diodes.  Because they are self emissive pixels and not back-lit, OLED's produce perfect and absolute black, the critical foundation to all video displays. The result is depth of image and color that no conventional LED/LCD TV can match. 

Another benefit to OLED is that its' stunning picture quality remains intact as you move off axis. Now everyone can enjoy the same gorgeous picture no matter where they are seated. 

Now in its' 6th Generation, this new OLED uses a new, more powerful video processor, which when combined with OLED's wider color pallet and incredible contrast, provides a picture that is quite simply beyond reproach. Both color and micro-contrast performance
has been refined along with added features such as voice control!

All LG OLED TV's are fully compatible with all formats of HDR or High Dynamic Range. HDR along with the wider color pallet, is a vital part of the new Ultra-High Definition system. Combined with 4k resolution, HDR brings you dramatically closer to reality. No more washed-out highlights and muddled shadows. With LG's latest OLED, you'll get
production studio performance to near perfection.

This exciting new technology is available exclusively at Sound Advice, where we are all about performance ... check it out today!