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Another Klipsch Classic Reborn
debueing t
he new
 Forte III


In the late eighties, Klipsch introduced what would become their most successful loudspeaker ever, the Forte. At the time, the Forte offered the classic Klipsch signature of huge dynamic range combined with improved linearity and imaging.

​Fast forward thirty years and welcome one of the most exciting new loudspeakers we've had the pleasure to offer, the brand new Forte series III. Believe us when we say, this is not just minor facelift on an old friend.

The all new Forte III features all new drivers and crossover, top to bottom. While sharing the basic design and configuration of it's esteemed predecessor, the Forte III used pure titanium for both the midrange and tweeter. The midrange driver sports a patented new horn that offers improved accuracy and smoothness while precisely controlling dispersion into the listening space.

​The powerful 12" woofer is complemented by a huge 15" rear mounted passive radiator. The combination provides stunning bass impact and tactile agility. All this is housed in a beautiful retro-style enclosure finished in book-matched walnut and topped-off with a natural linen grille cloth.

​If you long to experience music, not just hear it, but feel it with all of the emotion the artist intended, you'll want to check out the new Forte III's. 

​Martin Logan Raises the Bar
he new
 Electromotion ESL-X

It's been 34 years since Martin Logan developed the first hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker and they have been refining and perfecting the art and science ever since. When we heard the last generation of Martin Logan "stats" we were simply awestruck with the musicality and transparency that these loudspeakers portrayed. The electrostatic "bug" had bit and bit hard. Starting at about $2500 per pair, the ML hybrid stats aren't for everyone, and they're not "cheap" in any way. Having said that, the value of these speakers is simply off the charts. Martin Logan's entry level speakers do many things that $10,000 speakers simply cannot match. It's truly amazing

​Enter the new ESL-X. This brand new design represents a step-up in size and performance over it's smaller brother, the ESL. With refinements in the the already phenomenal electrostatic panel design and a larger panel to boot, the ESL-X also adds a newly designed dual-woofer bass section. This unique ​asymetrical dual woofer system improves the way low-frequencies launch into the listening room, making the speaker less placement sensitive.

​The rest of the magic happens in the vital crossover network. Named for Martin Logan's chief elecrtronics engineer, the Vojtko crossover

network ​provides a truely seemless transistion from the dynamic bass section to the electrostatic panel. As with the driver elements, the Vojtko crossover is comprised of premium grade components throughout.

One look at the photo to the right tells you how unique and elegant is ​the design of this remarkable loudspeaker. But as graceful and artistic this speaker looks, it's the sound that truely stands out. The Martin Logan ESL-X will connect you to music in a way you might not have thought possible. You will hear every subtle nuience with such breathtaking clarity and naturalness that goosebumps are a common side effect.

We invite you to bring in your favorite recordings and audition a pair of Martin Logans for yourself. But be warned. If you love music, you will be hooked and there is only one cure ... a pair of electromotions for your own!

Wireless Done Right!​
MusicCast by Yamaha

Over the last few year many companies have delved into the wireless home audio market. Many of these products are quite attractive and have been very successful. So when Yamaha, a world leader in high quality audio, decided to enter the fray, it was clear they could not succeed with just another nice wireless system

Enter MusicCast, a whole new and very powerful solution to whole house wireless audio. Unlike other systems, MusicCast integrates seamlessly with your Yamaha based home theater system. It allows any source, from LP's to internet streaming to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you like ... all effortlessly controlled by Yamaha's top-rated app installed on your mobile device.

A MusicCast system can be as simple as one wireless speaker in one room to a full-blown home theater, linked to speakers in any room in the house, including one-piece wireless speakers, a pair of high performance bookshelf speakers or even a soundbar!

Imagine your kids watching TV in the family room while you are streaming Pandora in the office and your husband is listening to his favorite CD in the living room. Or perhaps you want to stream music from your PC to multiple rooms while entertaining your friends and family. It's not only possible, but incredibly easy thanks to the MusicCast app

And if you think all this capability comes at the expense of sound quality, think again. Yamaha's MusicCast is right at home with today's high resolution digital audio content, so you can enjoy your favorite music without compromise. And talk about flexibility ... MusicCast provides a wealth of choices, such as Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, internet radio, Am/Fm radio, CD's, LP's ... the list goes on!  Want to stream directly off of your phone or tablet?  If it was any easier, it would be illegal!

Come into Sound Advice and let us show you just how easy and affordable whole-house wireless audio can be.


    5th Generation OLED... 4K - Ultra High Definition

Just arrived is LG's newest 65" OLED TV, the model 65C7P. Typical of OLED, the 65C7P features the same incredibly rich, dimensional picture thanks to the unique properties of organic light emitting diodes.  Because they are self emissive pixels and not back-lit, OLED's produce perfect and absolute black, the critical foundation to all video displays. The result is depth of image and color that no conventional LED/LCD TV can match. 

Another benefit to OLED is that its' stunning picture quality remains intact as you move off axis. Now everyone can enjoy the same gorgeous picture no matter where they are seated. 

Now in its' 5th Generation, this new OLED uses a 4K (UHD) panel, and new video processor, which when combined with OLED's wider color pallet and incredible contrast, provides a picture that is quite simply beyond reproach. This is true reference level performance!

All LG OLED TV's are fully compatible with all formats of HDR or High Dynamic Range. HDR along with the wider color pallet, is a vital part of the new Ultra-High Definition system. Combined with 4k resolution, HDR brings you dramatically closer to reality. No more washed-out highlights and muddled shadows. With LG's new panel ( 25% brighter than last year ), you will see exactly what the content producer intended.

This exciting new technology is available exclusively at Sound Advice, where we are all about performance ... check it out today!

​We just received the new "Planet Earth - II" UHD Bluray. You simply have to stop by
​and see this disc, shot and mastered in true 4K, on the LG OLED. It will change the
​way you look at television forever ... simply stunning!!

        Size Matters ...

A very special part of the new
Klipsch Reference Premier line-up ( see below ) is the new series of powered subwoofers. This is, without a doubt, the finest group of powered subs that Klipsch has brought to market, and that's saying a lot!

The entire new line features their unique spun copper/ceramic cone material throughout. Combined with an oversize santoprene surround and powerful magnetic assembly, these drivers dish out some serious deep bass. The other half of the subwoofer equation is the power amplifier. All of the new Klipsch Reference Premier subs utilize an all digital
( class D ) amplifier stage to ensure tight, clean low-end response, even at very high output levels.

Pictured here is the top dog ... the R-115SW. This massive 15" sub combined with a 400 watt RMS amplifier puts the competition to shame. Serious bass is all about moving serious amounts of air, and there's no substitute for size in when it comes to moving air.

The R-115SW goes deep & loud without strain. It's the perfect match for a good pair of towers in most rooms. With the R-115, just saying you'll feel the bass is an understatement. This sub brings the power and emotion of music to your home like few others.

Now you're probably thinking this is all good except for the part where you have to pay for it. Well here's the best news of all ... the new R-115SW costs just $899.00. That's right, for the price of good 10 or 12 inch sub, you can have a great 15" sub, made by Klipsch and backed-up by the experts at Sound Advice!

If the R-115 is just too big for your room, Klispch has you covered with two choices each for a 12 and 10 size sub. They share the same technology, just in a more compact format. And did I mention that the brushed black cabinets look the part as well. These are subs that you'll have fun showing off and even more fun listening to.

New From Paradigm ... Prestige!


Just when you wonder how Paradigm can meaningfully improve on a great product, sure enough they do, and this time with a vengance!  The very successful Reference series was due for a minor upgrade, but instead, Paradigm started with a clean sheet of paper and set out to re-establish a benchmark of price/performance in an upscale loudspeaker. 

Even more so than times past, Paradigm listened extensively to input from both dealers and customers. And with a commitment to produce every morsel of the product in Canada, they developed the new Prestige series. All new from top to bottom, the Prestige features significant improvements in driver, crossover and cabinet design. 

The results are quite simply stunning. The seamlessly integrated drivers create a soundstage that is wide, deep and convincingly three-dimensional. The tonality is one of the best combinations of smoothness, clarity and full-bodiedness that we've heard from a loudspeaker in this price range. All and all, Paradigm's new Prestige family is one of those products that compel you to re-discover your music collection with an emotional connection that simply defines the joy of music.