Vintage Audio

We Buy - Sell - Consign Vintage Audio Equipment

There’s something a little magical about the sound of vinyl played back through vintage 60’s to 70’s electronics. It’s a warmer, more relaxed sound that, while strictly speaking not audio perfection, is just plain easy on the ears.
Those of us that grew up in this era look back on it with a fondness like that of a pair of well worn Levi’s and all cotton t-shirt. Call it nostalgia if you’d like, but even today’s teenage and post-college youth are discovering the beauty of a good turntable and a vintage amp or receiver.
To satisfy this desire, Sound Advice has dedicated an entire room to vintage audio. There we offer a range of electronics, turntables, loudspeakers and yes, even the occasional digital front-end, from the days of yor.
What’s even cooler, is that we not only sell vintage components, but we will also consign your vintage equipment. Not only will you be keeping these items out of the landfill, but at the same time putting a few extra bucks in your pocket. That’s a win-win situation if there ever was one!
Please check this page on a regular basis, or better yet, stop by the shop from time to time as our inventory of vintage audio is constantly on the move.