System Control

Stunning pictures and awesome sound reproduction are certainly of paramount importance when considering a home theater system. But the best performance means little if the system is so difficult and cumbersome to operate that it goes largely unused.
Today's audio/video components offer a wealth of performance and flexibility, but sadly this comes at the price of being far too user unfriendly. Fortunately there are solutions. No longer do you have to sacrifice performance for ease of use. Sound Advice offers a number of control interface options that make even the most sophisticated systems one-touch friendly. 
We offer keypad and remote control products from Universal Remote Control and NuVo that can be custom
programmed to you and your theater or audio system. All programming is backed-up on our in-house computer to allow quick recovery in the unlikely event of a damaged control unit. Technophobia need not get in the way of enjoying true theater-like performance in your home with a little help from Sound Advice.