Special Buys

Sound Advice has some great buys in stock now. Check out some of these outstanding
values on select, high performance audio and video components. All offers are valid on current
inventory only, once they're gone, they're gone. 

Rock Your World .... and Save 20% !

Sound Advice is pleased to announce a rare opportunity to save big on Paradigm outdoor Rock Monitors.
From now till the end of June, you'll save 
20% on these quality Paradigm outdoor speakers.

Now you can take your music where you work or play and enjoy true high fidelity music in the great outdoors.  And no need to worry about the elements. These babies are true all weather loudspeakers, designed to deliver the goods year after year.

We have two superb models to choose from, the SM60 and SM80. Both feature a natural poly-glass faux rock enclosure housing dual titanium dome tweeters and dual voice-coil, cast-frame bass-mid drivers. These rock speakers are not just designed to make noise, but rather to provide that classic, natural Paradigm sound to your yard or garden.

The SM60 features a 6.5" bass-mid while the larger SM80 brings a full-size 8" driver to the party. Both feature ultra-wide dispersion to cover a lot of ground with stereo sound from just a single unit.

Come in and check out the Paradigm Rock Monitors to see and hear what they can contribute to your outdoor space. They're both on display and ON SALE while supplies last!  Pricing starts at just $239.00!


Flagship Klipsch Reference Towers, Now 15% Off!

While supplies last we are offering the very top-of-the-line Klipsch Reference towers at an amazing 15% off! These outstanding speakers deliver music with such life and dynamics, you'll think you are front row - center at your favorite concert. 

The RF-7II's feature Klipsch's legendary horn-loaded mid-tweeter, coupling a titanium diaphragm to a large horn that employs their unique "Tractrix" equation opening. The result is vanishingly low distortion and very high sensitivity. The controlled dispersion also helps avoid unwanted early room reflections. That ensures you will hear every nuance of what has been recorded.

To cover the critical bass to lower midrange frequencies, the RF-7II uses dual active 10 inch drivers. The cone material is an blend of aluminum and ceramic which results in an outstanding stiffness to weight ratio. Immersed in a power magnetic field, the RF-7's low end drives deliver tight, quick bass that is much more akin to what you hear live than the muddy, boomy bass found in most loudspeakers. 

Stop by Sound Advice today, we'd love to demo a pair for you. And don't forget to bring in your favorite CD or music file. There's nothing ​better to evaluate quality speakers than music you're intimately ​familiar with.

Now if want to go all in ... try adding the monster 15 inch Klipsch Reference subwoofer. This bad boy makes deep bass with such power and depth, you'll need to feel it to believe it. It's a great match to the RF-7II's or any other high quality loudspeaker for that matter.

15 inches of aluminum-ceramic alloy driven by 400 real steady-state ( not peak ) watts, all wrapped in beautiful brushed polymer finish. What's not to love!  Right now you'll get 15% off on the legendary R-115SW, but only for a limited time.

These special buys good thru March whiles supplies so hurry in today for demo!


     Televisions .....


Samsung 50" UHD (4k) TV • SmartTV • Quad-Core Proc.
 • HDR • Wide Color Gamut • UHD Dimming  • 120 CLR
                                                      List: $749.00      Sale Price: $599.00

Samsung 55" UHD (4k) TV • SmartTV • Quad-Core Proc.
 • HDR • Wide Color Gamut • UHD Dimming  • 120 CLR
                                           List: $899.00      Sale Price: $ 699.00
 LG 55" UHD OLED TV   • Infinite Black  WebOs 3.5 Browser
   • Refernece Quality    List: $3999.00    Sale Price: $ 2299.00

 Samsung 65" SUHD LED TV   • HDR10+ • Full Web Browser
   • Quad-Core Proc.       List: $1999.00    Sale Price: $ 1499.00

 Samsung 75" UHD TV  • Full 4K Resolution • 1-Billion Colors
   • Quad-Core Processor • HDR10+  • 120Hz Frame Rate
                                       List: $3499.00      Sale Price: $ 2299.00 



Electronics ...

    • Furman PST-2+6:  8-outlet AC  Surge Protection w/ Noise Filter  .....................      $    69.00

    • Yamaha  R-S202:  Stereo Receiver,  2 x 100w rms, Bluetooth                 List $179     $  149.00

    • Yamaha  RX-V483:  MusicCast 5.1 Surround Receiver 5 x 115w             List $449     $  399.00

    • Yamaha  RX-A670:   Aventage Series Surround Receiver 7 x 120w       List $599     $  499.00

    • Marantz AV-Preamp:  Audiophile Sound + Ultra-versatility - Demo  List $1699    $ 1099.00

   Anthem PVA-4 Demo:  125 Watts x 4 ch. Power Amplifier                     List $1799    $ 1199.00


Rare Deals on Klipsch, Yamaha & Paradigm ...

Yamaha YST-SW215   Powered Subwoofer   • 8" Woofer  • 150 Watt Amplifier • Active Servo
                                              • Speaker & Line Level Inputs                    - List: $229.00       
Now: $199.00
Used Magnapan 3.5    Floorstanding Planar-Magnetic Loudspeakers  • 58" Ribbon Tweeter
​                                              Outstanding Imaging & Scale           
- New: $3699.00 pr.     Now: $1795.00 pr!

Paradigm Millenia CT   Compact Satellites  • 4" Aluminum LF - 1" Pure Aluminum Tweeter
• Shelf, Wall or Floor-stand Mountable                                Now: $249.00 !
Paradigm Millenia Hybrid   In-wall Speakers  • Four 4.5" Poly Bass/Mids - 1" PAL Tweeter
• Perfect Match for Wall Mounted TV's!  List:$1158.00     Now: $949.00 !

Klipsch Heresy III      Classic Heritage Floorstanding Speaker  • Beautiful Cherry Finish  • 12" Woofer
                                            • Compression Horn Mid & Tweeter - List: $2000.00 pr.  Demo: $1599.00 pr.

Klipsch RF-7II             Flagship Floorstanding Speaker  • Dual 10" HD Cerametallic Woofers
                                            • Compression Horn Mid & Tweeter - List: $3200.00 pr.  Demo: $2499.00 pr.

Many other speakers, speaker packages and subwoofers are on sale now ... come in an check'em out!