Laser Speaker Alignment

One of the most important aspects of providing high sound quality in moderate to large commercial venues is loudspeaker directivity. Professional grade speakers have very precise sound dispersion patterns which allow for full coverage of the room while at the same time minimizing unwanted room reflections. 
All this is meaningless if the loudspeakers are not properly located and then precisely aimed. Sound Advice employs Sound Alignment Systems laser alignment to guarantee the most precise loudspeakers setup possible. With SAS, the installation crew from Sound Advice can quickly and accurately align your speakers for optimum coverage. 
For the home audio or theater enthusiast, the SAS laser alignment method allows our technicians to establish virtually perfect loudspeaker placement and toe angle. The result is pin-point imaging with sound sources taking on a more solid, three dimensional quality. SAS laser alignment is just one example of the kind of attention to quality and detail that sets Sound Advice apart from the would-be competition.