ISF Video Calibration

TV’s and projectors never perform anywhere near their best "out of the box". And with screen sizes and overall performance increasing in the digital age, it is even more desirable to fine tune your display to deliver the highest fidelity picture possible. 
Twenty years ago a group of dedicated videophiles headed up by Joseph Kane Jr. and Joel Silver began Imaging Science Foundation. ISF is dedicated to educating manufacturers, trained technicians and consumers to the benefits of proper calibration of all types of video displays. The goal is to attain the highest level of picture fidelity that a display can deliver, particularly in the areas of contrast, color and resolution. 

Sound Advice has been trained and certified by Imaging Science Foundation to make the critical adjustments to your video display using state-of-the-art CalMan video calibration software.
The result is that you will see exactly what the producer and director intended. Every detail and every subtle shade of color will be rendered with all the artistic impact of the original film or video.  An added benefit is that an ISF calibrated TV will consume less power and in most cases last longer than an out-of-box unit.