Sound Advice has provided various local and regional government agencies public address systems for several decades. Those systems have just gotten more sophisticated, with the expansion of more affordable digital-based electronics.

Video presentation systems have also taken their place in presenting complex information in a clear and impactful way.

We provide low profile large screen displays as well as larger venue presentation systems. Now, privacy of information has become important as well, and we have added noise masking systems to our tool bag to help create a better acoustic environment in which to protect sensitive information.



Education has evolved from 'audio-visual' to 'AV-Interactive'. Companies like Hitachi and Epson are leading the way with unique interactive short-throw projectors that focus the information of the internet with cost effective display and control technology to put learning at students' fingertips.

Learning has become involving and stimulating. Companies like Listen make the job of a teacher easier with audio systems that amplify their voice just the right amount to reduce strain, and project sound equally to all parts of the classroom.

Sound Advice offers their expertise to the service of local schools with these and other Education oriented products.