About Us

In 1946, Stan Pedley and a partner began Photo Specialty Shop, a full service retail camera store. In the late fifties they brought a whole new product category ... tape recorders, to Humboldt County.  Then came the pursuit of higher fidelity with the addition of better amplifiers, turntables and loudspeakers.

By 1984, 
Stan was ready to retire and his two sons, Craig and Mark, both had a passion for the audio side of the business. The camera half was sold and our 5th & D location was converted to a full scale audio store ... Sound Advice.

Today, Sound Advice offers far more experience and resources dedicated to audio and home theater, than anyone else on the northcoast. We have multiple theater demonstration rooms, two dedicated audio rooms and a well trained staff of audio-video enthusiasts. We are a state licensed low voltage contractor and specialize in 
custom installation and calibration services.

For us at Sound Advice it's far more than who has the "best price" ... it's who offers the best value?  Quality products combined with our personalized, expert service consistently provide a level of value beyond the competition.